Nylon netting for shading, safety, prevention

Nylon Netting Definition

Nylon netting is a kind of weave net which uses nylon, polyester, polyethylene, polypropylene yarn as raw materials and it is processed by wire machines. The nylon netting has the anti-alkali, anti-acid, anti-aging properties. It includes nylon net, polyester net, agriculture shade net, etc.

Company Introduction

Anping County Wennian Wire Mesh Products Co., Ltd. has become the leader enterprise by continuous development since 1988. It has accumulated rich experience and grasp advanced technology. Its product includes agriculture shade net, construction safety net, shade sail, nylon net, polyester net, balcony net and so on. Due to its high quality product and excellent service, it has a good reputation at home and abroad, now its product are exported to Europe, America, Africa, Australia markets, etc.

Main Product

3 pieces agriculture net with brass button holes

Agriculture shade net

Several pieces green construction safety net packed with packing belt

Construction safety net packed with belt

  1. Agriculture Shade Net.
  2. Construction Safety Net.
  3. Shade Sail.
  4. Nylon Net.
  5. Polyester Net.
  6. Flour Net.
  7. Balcony Screen Net.
  8. Window Screen Net.
  9. Cargo Net.
  10. Personal Safety Net.
  11. Fish Net.
  12. Anti-hail Net.
  13. Anti-bird Net.
  14. Anti-insect Net.

Product Advantages

  1. Standard specification, professional machine packing, shipping and excellent service.
  2. Flat and smooth surface, yarn and gap are parallel, neat, uniform. What's more, the horizontal and vertical yarn are clear and crisp.
  3. Good finish, there is a sense of quality bright, deep black, rather than feeling surface bright.
  4. Flexibility moderate, flexible, non-rigid sense, not rough, thick texture of flat space.
  5. With UV treatment, anti-alkali, anti-acid, anti-aging, strong, durable.
  6. No peculiar smell and environment friendly.
  7. Light weight to install easily.
  8. It can be customized by customers requirements.

Some Advice of Polyester Net for Printing

  • 18-420 mesh/inch: ceramics.
  • 30-305 mesh/inch: t-shirts/garments, flatbed textile.
  • 92-420 mesh/inch: glass.
  • 110-420 mesh/inch: circuit boards.
  • 160-305 mesh/inch: high-end textile.
  • 182-460 mesh/inch: membrane switches, CD, DVD.