Anti-bird net controls effectively bird

A bird is controlled outside anti-bird net

Anti-bird net

Anti-bird net made of nylon and polyethylene yarn is a kind of net which prevents birds reaching certain areas. It is new net used widely in agriculture. This net has different net opening to control all kinds of birds. Besides, it cuts off the bird reproduction and spread pathway. So it reduces the usage of chemical pesticides and ensures the high quality, heath, green product.


  1. High strength.
  2. Heat resistance.
  3. Water resistance.
  4. Corrosion resistance.
  5. Anti-aging.
  6. Non-toxic.
  7. Easy to handle.
  8. Long life.


Commodity Anti-bird net
Material HDPE( high density polyethylene), 100% Virgin PE, polyester, nylon.
Wire type multifilament or monofilament.
Diameter 0.1mm, 0.2mm, 0.23mm, 0.24mm, 0.25mm, 0.3mm, 0.45mm, 1.1mm.
Mesh shape Diamond and square.
Mesh size 10mm - 50mm.
Width 1m - 25m.
Length 5m - 100m.
Net size 2 × 5m, 2 × 50m, 5 × 50m, 5 × 100m, 10 × 100m.
Square gram weight 7g - 50g (7g, 15g, 17g, 20g ,25g, 30g, 35g, 50g).
Selvage Thicker rope.
Rope diameter 1mm - 6mm.
Knot type Knotted and knotless bird netting.
Color Green, red, black, white, blue, yellow.
Stretching way Depth way stretched and length way stretched.
Using life 3 - 10 years.


A bundle red packed with plastic rope

Anti-bird net packed with plastic rope

Many bundles black packed with plastic bag in carton

Anti-bird net packed with carton

Anti-bird net is mainly used to prevent the bird pecking food. Generally, it can protect the grapes, cherry, pear, apple and other fruits. Besides, it can be used to control poultry and used at airport to prevent birds striking planes.

A chicken is controlled in white anti-bird net

Anti-bird net for poultry

A bird is controlled by white anti-bird at airport

Anti-bird net for airport to control bird striking planes

A white anti-bird net is used for protecting fruit trees at orchard

Anti-bird net for fruit trees

Many white anti-bird nets are used to control bird bring pest at farmland

Anti-bird net used for farmland to control birds peck land

A orange anti-bird net covers grapes trees at orchard

Anti-bird net for grapes trees to prevent birds peck grapes

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