Nylon netting for agriculture, industry, sports

Agriculture shade net features anti-aging, anti-corrosion, strong, durable and easily handle, used to control temperature, wind, rain, hail.

Construction safety net features good impact resistance, anti-aging, good air permeability, easily installed. It is widely used for construction site.

Shade sail made of high density polyethylene with Ultra-Violet ray addition protects our car, body, property from harm of sunshine.

Nylon net made of monofilament yarn with plain weave style features smooth surface, abrasion resistance. Ideal for filtering, printing industry.

Polyester net is woven from yarn that is made of heated polyester. The yarn is extruded to precise diameter. Ideal for printing and screening industry.

Flour net made of polyester, nylon includes PA-XX, PA-XXX, PA-GG series. It is ideal for milling chemicals, medicine, food, ceramic, flour.

Balcony screen net can prevent sunlight and ultraviolet ray harming families and it protects personal privacy. Ideal for balcony protection.

Window screen net added UV stabilizer has narrow mesh opening to prevent insect in, and clean air. It is widely used at school, hospital, hotel.

Cargo net includes knot net and knotless net, it is used for lifting goods and making the goods safe on trailer during transporting.

Personal safety net features high bearing capacity and good impact resistance. Ideal for building site, various high places, rooftop and stairway.

Pant support net made of polypropylene and nylon. It features anti-aging, high strength. Ideal for plant and vegetables climbing.

Fish net made of nylon, the wire can be multifilament or monofilament. it has various mesh opening to catch different fish.

Anti-hail net features narrow holes and high breaking resistance. It can prevent the hailstorms damaging plants, it is ideal for orchard, garden.

Anti-bird net made of nylon, polyethylene features anti-aging, non-toxic. It is widely used for crops, fruits, vegetables and airport.

Anti-insect net made of polyethylene is divided into different mesh, it can prevent effectively the spread of pest and reduce the lost of crops.

Football net is made of high density polyethylene, nylon. Its net shape can be square, hexagon. It is ideal for match, physical class, entertainment.

Badminton net is made of high density polyethylene, nylon. It features easy handle, light weight. It can be used for indoor and outdoor.

Volleyball net is made of high density polyethylene, nylon, polyester with UV treatment. High impact resistance property makes it suit for match.

Tennis net is made of high density polyethylene, nylon. It features strong and durable, it has steel coated cable to support the net.

Basketball net is made of high density polyethylene, nylon. It features strong and durable, it is used for outdoor and indoor basketball playing.